Things About Eyelash Extension That You Should Know About

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are synthetic eyelashes made with silk fibers or faux mink. They are applied strand by strand on your natural eyelashes. Now you can imagine that the person applying this product does it with immense care and attention. If you’re already in habit of wearing this add-on then chances are, you’ve come across some bad eyelashes too. Yes, that happens with inferior-quality eyelashes. Another question that often bugs the users is the durability of this product. So in this article, we’ll answer to questions like how long to eyelash extensions last:

Things about eyelash extensions you should know about:-

Here are some facts about these fashion accessories you’d like to be familiar with. Maybe it can help you pick products wisely.

Extensions Look Natural

They do, to a large extent, thanks to their crafty make and application. The material and the process of making render a very natural look to the extensions. Yes, the shape and the excessive curl give them an artificial disposition. But when you’re dolled up from head to toe, they add more charisma to your appearance. 

Process Of Application

As mentioned above, it is a meticulous process that takes a few hours or a little more depending on the type of look you want. Well, it is recommended not to rush it when you’re getting an eyelash extension due to all obvious reasons. So it is best to describe your specific requirements to the expert first. 

Usual Cost Of Extensions

The final cost will depend on the expert, facility, and style you want. Usually, it can start around $105 and go up to $550. Also, if you choose to have longer and thicker lashes, it could affect the overall cost. So if you have a fixed budget for this extension application, choose it wisely. 

Taking Care Of Extensions

After recently applying for the eyelash extension, it is advised to avoid water for the first day. Also, you should avoid using mascara, cleansers, oil-based products, rubbing, and curling. In the first few days, you should actually avoid touching the eyelashes altogether. However, if you can’t live without mascara, you can apply a little to the tip.  

Lifespan of Extension

Even if you aren’t doing anything to maintain the extension, they should remain intact for six weeks. But if you’re taking care of them, they could live a little longer. You can get some great results if you use a lash conditioner and comb through the lashes with a spoolie brush. By maintaining them, you get to maintain the looks for a longer time. 


The eyelash extensions give you an enhanced look, they allow you to be readier for special evenings. And therefore, it is a must that you know a thing or two about them. With more insights, you can certainly keep them more long-lasting while choosing the right thing for yourself. At Lash Spa, you get the overarching service for eyelashes. You maintain your looks and make the most of this fashion accessory.